My journey started from a very young age, my family members had a lot of severe allergies, known as anaphylaxis to A LOT of food products. I was lucky enough to not have these types of food allergies but it was a massive stressor on my family to constantly need to read the back of packaging’s and make sure there was no traces of potential allergens in the food we ate. This is where, from a young age, I learnt the importance in nutrition and health and how it can have such a massive impact on the quality of your health but also your life.




My journey has been a very long one, but without it I wouldn’t have the personal experience to help other people who are going through their own health journey.  


A 45-60 minute consultation discussing health history and goals. We will then work together to devise a plan of action specific to your own personal needs. This will include a treatment plan containing meal ideas, food substitutions and alternatives, lifestyle changes and ways to move forward. I also may recommend further diagnostic testing to really understand the way your body and biochemical pathways are behaving.





3x 15 minute talks weekly (via in person or phone) for support and extra help in all fields of nutrition, health, mentality, relationships etc. Allowing you to keep on track and debrief to Anna.




A 30 minute consultation to discuss your progress and to make further recommendations and substitutions that may be needed for your personal journey.