My business was born out of desire to share my experience and knowledge in services to improve the health and well-being of my clients with a holistic approach. Upon assessment, my clients are then guided through a personalized therapy and/or training programme – support and functional testing will determine the progression to the desired result.  With the addition of non-invasive Negative-Pressure Therapy Treatments (EndermoTherapy), I can assist to restore muscles, joints & connective tissues, improve scar tissue, reduce pain& inflammation, tone and tighten skin and detoxify the body all while enjoying some relaxing time out. This therapy is completely tailored to the client, speeding up results and also helping to achieve goals otherwise out of reach. 


The training component of my services can be utilized in isolation, or in conjunction with EndermoTherapy™ and will assist in my clients’ journey to increased energy, strength, mobility, fitness and general well-being – recreating body and mind.  Health Coaching, Nutrition Support and Functional Health Testing can be incorporated into each clients’ health journey to investigate and support other areas of their health for a multifaceted approach .


After surviving three major abdominal surgeries, Ihave endured pain, inflammation and reduced mobility due to fairly serious deep & superficial scarring. Without EndermoTherapy™ treatment, I would still have very limited trunk extension and rotation capabilities. However, now I am able to all the activities I used to do, without limitation and discomfort – not to mention having had a significant reduction in the appearance of the scarring.


Sharing this French technology has become a personal desire of mine to help others with similar and other conditions to feel restored and get back more of what they may have lost or just generally want to achieve. My background in Sports Science and Physical Conditioning, my experiences working with people all over the world, along with my strong interest in the human body helps to integrate this amazing therapy into my wellness business.


Let me help you Restore and Recreate!

Endermolift Facial

Endermolift™ is specifically designed to prevent and decelerate the ageing process of the delicate tissues of the face, neck and décolleté. This exceptional skin workout stimulates tissues at a cellular level, naturally restoring skin firmness as it smooths away lines and wrinkles.

This non-invasive and relaxing treatment can tone and tighten the skin on the face, neck and décolleté, sculpt and define the jaw line, brighten and even out skin tone, reduce the look of sagging skin (the no.1 sign of aging), reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and plump up skin for a more hydrated & smooth feel.

Health Coaching, Epigenetics & Functional Health Testing

Stress and certain foods can cause superficially unknown havoc deep within our bodies and prevent us from feeling optimum health and well-being or achieving specific goals.  Having these under control can completely change your life. If you feel like you have tried every diet and exercise plan but nothing seems to get you where you want to be, it could be what’s going on inside that is holding you back – we need to have a chat, lets uncover the possibilities together.

Personal Training  

Let me guide you closer to where you want to be with your physical well-being

With your goals in mind, I will assist you with tailored programming and/or training sessions.  Specific to you, components such as mobility, strength, fitness, flexibility, fitness and general well being will be in the mix.  Recreate not only body, but mindset too.

Lipomassage Body Shaping

Lipomassage™ is a non-invasive treatment from Endermologie® to treat localized fat pockets and shape the body using a mechanized technique to lift and roll the tissue.  Clients tend to relax and enjoy their treatments as it is likened to having a massage.

Lipomassage can reduce the appearance of cellulite.  An initial course of 2 sessions per week is recommended, with a possible maintenance program of 1 session every 4-5 weeks. 


Endermologie®  was originally developed in France by Loius-Paul Guitay (LPG), it was used to treat burns restoring damaged tissue. The therapy is now being used to treat tissue for numerous reasons. EndermoTherapyTM uses state of the art negative pressure, hand-held, motorized treatment heads with specially designed rollers and flaps. This gently lifts and stretches fascia while massaging the muscles, mobilizing retained fluid, stimulating the venous & lymphatic systems and helping the body to relieve aches and pains. 

Movement Coaching

Mobility & Stability isn’t just for the older generations, it compliments all exercise and strength work, plus daily life tasks and can benefit ATHLETES, WEIGHTLIFTERS, GYM GOERS, SPORTSPEOPLE as well as PARENTS WITH YOUNG KIDS, GARDENERS, ACTIVE WORKERS and many more!