3 Tips to get strong with little to no equipment

This could not be more timely. With most people finding themselves working out at home with little or no equipment, the option to add more weight isn’t always an option. You may like or need to employ methods other than adding weight to the bar to increase strength to prevent injury and break through plateaus.

Tip 1: Include a Static Hold after a extended eccentric phase.

Keep the slow and controlled descent, but add a three-second pause in the hole of the squat. Yes, you are stopping on the bottom of the movement, but try to stay active while down there, and then focus on pressing the floor away and accelerating straight up without relying on a ballistic or additional bounce to get the load up.

Tip 2: Add Pauses in your lifts
Either way, you are developing control in a potential sticking point which will help you blast through those sticking points when it comes time to add more weight to the bar. Play with a pause in the ¼ down, middle, and at the bottom. And of course, on the way up, try to move the weight as fast as possible to stimulate a power development adaptation.

Tip 3: Extend the Concentric Phase
Spending more time in these positions and forcing our bodies to remain active in what are usual passing points allows us to familiarize with those shapes and how the load feels during certain points of the lift. why not add a tempo on the concentric (up) phase of the lifts as well? So now we will come down in a controlled fashion, and then pause in the lower third of the movement, middle third of the movement, and top of the movement.

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